A Century and a Half of
Sake-Brewing Tradition

Established in 1872 in Himi, Toyama, and still located there to this day.
Our founder, Riemon, came to Himi, Toyama and was so stirred by the beauty of the sun rising behind the sake brewery, and by the beauty of the Tateyama mountain range, that he decided to start brewing sake in Himi.
As a result, the name Ariso Akebono comes from this poetic image: “Watching the daybreak (akebono) over the Ariso Sea.”



A rich and refined aroma, with a fine, delicate flavor.
Enjoy the clean finish of this luxurious sake.

Junmai Daiginjo

This elegant sake combines graceful aroma with the natural richness of the rice.


Junmai Ginjo

Complex aroma with a light, mild flavor, for a pleasantly refreshing sake.


A playful sake with a pleasantly full-bodied flavor and a crisp finish.

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